When considering what energy sources to use, their environmental impact should affect your preferable choice. Acting as stewards of the Earth is becoming more and more important for every individual. Using solar energy is just one way to produce a positive environmental impact.

NP Solar install floating solar panels on any bodies of water. Working on large projects for solar farms and plants, we can help every client improve your energy and electrical usage.

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Solar energy systems such as floating solar produce no air pollution or greenhouse gases. Although it does create a small amount of CO2 emissions over the course of its lifetime, this is significantly less than other energy sources. As newer solar panels also become more efficient, they release less and less CO2 emissions.

Carbon emissions come from many types of energy consumption, including driving cars or simply using electrical products in your home. Switching to solar energy will ensure you are reducing the amount of carbon emissions, compared to that of coal and landfill greenhouse gases. This can also support the UK in reaching carbon and renewable energy targets.

Location Opportunities

Land use is often a big concern when installing any types of renewable energy. However, solar energy has a much wider variation so installation is also available off land. Floating solar panels allow the use of any bodies of water. Therefore, worries over land degradation and the loss of animal habitats should not interfere with solar panels.

As floating solar is also becoming more frequent on offshore bodies of water, this provides a much larger scope to install the most efficient solar farms where possible. Although solar panels for homes are effective, to gain a large amount of collective energy, large areas are required for solar farms and solar plants. Taking advantage of floating solar technology will only be positive for the future in producing as much energy as possible.

Slowing Climate Change

Not only does it reduce CO2 emissions, but this also removes air pollution and prevents the enhancement of the greenhouse gas effect. As the Earth’s surface continues to warm up, it is important to tackle this issue quickly before it leads to potentially dangerous weather events. Although there are several ways to do this, solar energy is just one potential solution.

Continuing to use energy sources that produce greenhouse gases and add to the problem of climate change will only lead to more problems in the future. With UK targets that need to be met on emissions, it is likely that more and more people will have to take advantage of renewable energy in the future. By making the change now, a small change could have a big impact on the Earth’s future.

Any action taken to slow down climate change can only be seen as a positive. For many people, utilising solar energy is the next step to improve your carbon footprint.

Less Reliance On Finite Resources

Using fossil fuels and other finite resources will eventually become impossible. Renewable energy will phase into more and more households. Alternatively, using larger floating solar farms to produce energy for a number of properties will also see the increase in solar energy use.

By resolving this issue before we run out of fossil fuels, there are so many positive impacts. Despite having to pay for floating solar installation, in the long-term, this can actually be cost-effective and could mean lower energy prices in the future, with a free source of energy that is unlikely to run out anytime soon.

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NP Solar work throughout the UK and worldwide to install floating solar panels to any bodies of water. When you have the space available, solar energy should be a top priority. For more information on floating solar and to discuss installation, contact NP Solar today. Call us on 01524 740 790 or fill in our contact form today.

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