Solar power is already an important energy source and this will only continue to grow in popularity. With the introduction of floating solar now commonly being used to create solar farms, this demonstrates how much we could rely on floating solar in the future.

Our blog looks into why floating solar could be the first choice for future renewable energy sources. NP Solar transport and install floating solar panels to any body of water.

Installing Floating Solar

Floating solar farms are the large-scale version of domestic solar panels and supply a huge amount of energy. As domestic solar panels will produce enough energy to power your home, one floating solar farm will power over 1,500 homes annually. Additionally, it will save 2,150 tonnes of CO2.

Installing solar farms is difficult as both land and funding must be found to have this installed. This is what makes floating solar so beneficial, as it can be installed on any body of water. Water not only acts as a suitable area for installation, it also improves the productivity of the solar farm by keeping the solar panels cool and protected from heat.

Meeting Renewable Energy Targets

A huge reason that solar will be a big part of the future, especially in the UK, is the targets that need to be met. The installation of floating solar throughout the UK will assist in meeting several targets. In the short term, renewable energy production must produce 15% of electricity by 2020. Along with other factors, this makes 2019 a massive year for floating solar to continue its growth.

Other renewable targets that floating solar will contribute to include:

  • 45% Cut In Emissions By 2030
  • 70-85% Electricity Supply From Renewable Energy By 2050
  • 80% Cut In Emissions By 2050
  • Deliver A Total Of 29 GW of Operational Capacity From Renewable Electricity By 2020

With both short and long term goals for renewable energy, these targets are all good signs for the growth and continued use of solar. Once the short-term goals are achieved, using solar panels will still be needed to provide even more renewable energy throughout the UK and globally. This method is essential to achieve all targets. With solar farms producing so much renewable energy, it must be used for renewable energy production to significantly increase.

The Best Renewable Energy?

Whilst there are several forms of renewable energy, solar could be so important for our future due to its efficiency and the opportunity for large scale installation. It is predicted that by 2050, solar thermal energy and photovoltaic systems will be 25% of the energy market.

Solar power is one of the 5 most efficient forms of renewable energy. Although renewable energy forms of wind and geothermal are more efficient, solar could still be the best option. With floating solar now available, this allows us to utilise a huge amount of land to help the environment and lower emissions for the future.

Compared to other technologies, the maintenance from floating solar is also kept to a minimum. Furthermore, no by-product or waste is generated, also having a lower visual than other forms of power generation.

Investment Opportunity

Not only will floating solar farms be beneficial to our future, installing them is a fantastic investment for you. Supporting green energy production is seen as a positive and sustainable energy source and is popular with more than 80% of the British public. In 2015, solar farms offered a return of 6% per year.

By investing in this now and developing it for the future, you could receive an even higher return on investment each year. Solar can be used to power a huge number of homes and will be needed to meet all energy targets. This makes it a safe investment and a great way for you to operate your land. If 10,000 MW of solar was installed, it would use just 0.1% of agricultural land, powering over 3 million homes. Therefore, if you have the land available, it is something you must take advantage of.

Install Floating Solar

Floating solar is essential for our future. Without it, reaching renewable energy targets may not be possible. Hence, reducing emissions and powering homes will take significantly more work.

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