The size of floating solar farms continues to grow. Both in terms of their actual size and the impact they have on renewable energy, large solar farms can only bring more benefits. But how large could their impact grow and what is the size of farms being installed right now?

NP Solar work across any bodies of water and off-shore locations to install floating solar farms. If you turn to renewable energy, we offer the perfect solution for every client.

Europe’s Largest Floating Solar Farm

Only recently, one of the newest additions to France’s solar farms became the largest in Europe. Also the most powerful solar plant, this 17 megawatt floating solar farm only signals the beginning of larger floating solar farms across Europe and globally. This plant sufficiently powers up to 4,733 homes and avoiding the emission of 1,096 tones of CO2 into the atmosphere.

As solar farms can be installed in various locations, this makes them more ideal than other forms of renewable energy. Despite being the largest floating solar farm, there are still so many more reservoir surfaces and off-shore locations that could be used to generate even more energy from floating solar.

Major Solar Farms

Although they may not be the biggest in Europe, there are still several other major floating solar farms that are utilising the space available on water. Some of the larger farms include:

  • Otae Solar Farm
  • Queen Elizabeth II Reservoir Solar Farm
  • Sungrow Huainan Solar Farm
  • Umenoki Solar Farm
  • Xinyi Solar’s Solar Farm

With all these solar farms already generating power for households across the world, the size of floating solar only continues to increase. Despite this, there is still the opportunity to install floating solar farms to smaller bodies of water, whilst generating enough energy for several households.

Finding New Solar Farm Locations

One of the biggest benefits of solar farms is that there is no limit to its size and growth. Floating solar ensures there is no loss of valuable land space. Therefore, solar panels can still use space on small bodies of water. This means that reservoirs are usually suitable to use and you can easily install solar panels without any issues. As land can potentially serve another purpose, using the vast amount of water we have available could be the future of renewable energy.

Whether you are looking to power thousands of homes or just setup a smaller solar farm, the water and space should always be available. This makes finding new locations much simpler than other renewable energy sources. Furthermore, it could also be installed local to more homeowners, helping to power even more properties.

Scaling Up Solar

Although Europe’s current largest solar farm is located in the south of France, there is plenty of opportunity for solar energy to scale up. More and more frequently, solar farms and solar panels are now being installed to off-shore water bodies.

Off-shore water bodies offer the perfect solution for floating solar. Making sure the technology is available in hot countries with the most possible sunlight will improve the efficiency of solar technology and the amount of energy it produces. With the chance to install across any bodies of water globally, the size of floating solar farms knows no limits.

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